Orchestra in Central Park
Orchestra in Central Park


2011 Fun Run - Fiddlers
2011 Fun Run with Fiddlers


2012 String Camp
2012 String Camp


5K Run
2012 5K and Fun Run

OATH Board Members, 2016 - 2017

To contact the OATH Board, please send email to President of the Board. All OATH members are volunters. Parents, please consider volunteering for a position marked "Open position". Email Dawn Castiglione (linked below) to sign up to support your Troy High Orchestra Members..

Director: Bryan Kolk
President: Dawn Castiglione
Vice President: Lauren Leney
Secretary: Karen Pawlik
Treasurer: Beth Durell
Receivable: Fan Felice Yang

5K Run & Fun Run: Malathi Subramanian, Lupita Lebbos
    5k Helpers: 3 Open positions
8th grade potluck: Malathi Subramanian
Backstage Manager: Rupali Kamat, Hema Sridhar
Band Liason: Julie Kohring
Banquet: Soon Wong
CDs and DVDs: Art Moy
Concert Manager: Open position
Concert of the Future Donut Coordinator: Jae Margetson
Concession Manager: Laurie Watson
    Helper: Open position
Decorations & Showcase:
Tina Sengupta
Wei Ren; Mediha Hage
Donut Coordinator:
Amy Zitzelberger; Jee-Ae Hong
Facebook Administrator:
Maha Hasso, Art Moy, Lauren Leney
Gala Coordinator:
Jae Margetson
    Helper: Open position
House Manager:
Laurie Watson
Newsletter Editor: Open position
Fawaz Hasso, Steve Myers
Picnic Coodinator (Aug. 25th): Open position
Press Release Coordinator:
Julie WenHsin Feng
Programs: Open position
Senior Ribbon Seamstress: Open position
SpiritWear Coordinator:
Lauren Leney, Malathi Subramanian
Spirit Wear Help: Open positions
Spring Trip Coordinator:
Bama Kumaran
    Helper: Open position
String Camp:
Sundara Ganti
Student DB and Email:
Flora Tan, Peter Sellers
Student Directory: Open position
Ticket Sales Manager:
Xin Zhou, Carol Mazurek
Kimberly Uptergrove
    Helpers to Distribute:
Malathi Subramanian; Open positions
John Tu
Volunteer Coordinator:
Peter Sellers
Web Site:
Peter Sellers
Steve Myers

OATH Expense Reimbursement Form
(for board members)

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